Hey There Weekend Warrior

Posted on August 29 2018

We are always living for the weekend. We dream of days at the beach, nights out dancing and Sunday brunches. Somehow though, time slips through our manicured fingertips, and we are back at the office faster than that drink went down at happy hour on Friday. Are weekends as short as we feel? Yes and no. There are a full 60 hours in between 6 pm on Friday night, and 6 am on Monday morning. Here’s how to be a true weekend warrior.

Prep During the Week

The great Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” He was probably talking about inventing the telephone or something, but you can still use this when it comes to creating a weekend to remember. One way to do this is to complete, or at least chip away at, chores and errands during the week.

One of the cruel fates of adulthood is working all week to do laundry or clean the floors on your precious days off. Monday night could be grocery night, Tuesdays throw the dirty clothes in on the delicate cycle before you cook dinner, et cetera. Let’s be real, you probably were just going to have The Office on loop in the background while you stared into the abyss that is your iPhone.

Get a Little Excitement Going

Studies show that experiences make us happiest. This is because it pays off in three different ways. One is that the anticipation of the event creates happiness. Second, is the enjoyment of the experience. Lastly, remembering said event conjures feelings of contentment. So, make some plans! If you do this during the week, then it’ll help you fuel through the millionth expense report or whatever it is that is the bane of your existence. The anticipation of fun will get you through the work week. However, be sure not to fill EVERY minute.

Change Your Scenery

Change is good, and there’s a reason for that. Switching up your routine kick starts creativity, and a change of scenery is rejuvenating. This can be as big as taking a weekend trip, or as small as having brunch downtown instead of your neighborhood. Have a bucket list and chip away at it. Grab friends for a day trip to the town two hours away, hit the beach if you live inland; there’s so much adventure waiting if you think outside the box.

If You Want to Relax, Commit to It

Maybe the only place you want to explore this weekend is your bed or couch. If that is the case, then commit to relaxing. Don’t scroll through social media, or mindlessly waste time online.  Watch a movie and really watch it. Take a nap, and really savor it. Order breakfast in bed and enjoy every moment of it.

Avoid the Sunday Scaries

It’s Sunday at 3 pm when visions of unread emails dance in your head. Now, it’s drifting to your boss, Tuesday’s meeting you haven’t prepped for, and just like that, you have the Sunday scaries.  This may not be entirely unavoidable unless you plan to drown your anxieties with bottomless mimosas at brunch. While that is a fair tactic, another solution is to plan some low-key fun on Sunday night. Invite your girlfriends over to cook dinner or go out to a movie.


The key is to squeeze every last ounce of enjoyment out of the weekend but not to exhaust yourself, so Monday is a drag. Now, you’re a weekend warrior.

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